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Within the foundation of what makes the company so unique, are the 3 umbrella factions interconnected to as Support system. We house entertainment, Fashion, and Health/Wellness, and  HELP other non profit organizations. This particular cycle provides a purpose to the reason why we do what we do. 


First, we start by raising the bar of your expectations. The letter L, stands for Luxurious. This symbolization is the status of how we believe every life should be lived. It is the Hallmark of our Corporation, our loyalty has always been and will always be to the highest expectation of a luxurious lifestyle. These standards of elegance will be produced no matter the event.


Second, standing firm in the middle, creating a balance beam for everything we construct: the letter M...memorable. The best thing about money and memories and is making them; our goal is that each interaction our members have with LMS creates impactful memories that stand the test of time. Timelessness, one might say, gives everyone a chance to experience a dream that forms history.


Last, but most certainly not least, is the letter S...satisfying. These are not simply events; each time LMS hosts these gatherings, we are challenging the current standards set in Cleveland, OH. These are the life changing moments that push individuals one step closer to reaching the pinnacle of their lifestyle. We may have different defining factors of what makes a person successful, but the one consistent fact remains...success is satisfying.

LMS is a lifestyle management company; our Founder grew up here in Cleveland and witnessed the way our communities function, how we're treated and it instilled in him a need to help in every way that he could imagine. So we know now that there are four factions: the health & wellness sector, addressing the need for better eating habits, stronger food access, increased physical activity, and nutrition education. The Arts & Fashion sector that focuses on giving people the resources to develop and improve their artistic abilities or create, manage, and wholesale produce a fashion label or clothing line. The entertainment sector which provides unsigned, undiscovered talent the platform to showcase that talent, gain the experience necessary to eventually be a mainstream artist. The entertainment sector also houses our event planning division which you all are a part of tonight witnessing this Rebirth Process; the series of events that will reveal the conception of this corporation.

Arts & Fashion

Giving people the resources to improve their artistic abilities, create a clothing line, or develop their modeling portfolio.


Providing the platform to showcase talent and gain the experience necessary to be a mainstream artist. The entertainment sector also houses our event planning division.

Health & Wellness

Addressing the need for better eating habits, stronger food access, increased physical activity, and nutrition education.

I Support Your Kind

This non profit will be dedicated to improving communities and providing resources for their residents.

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