The Rebirth Process

We have created a storyline with main events that expresses lifestyle as a form of creativity. Our mission is to expose the life of Robert Mosby Jr through LMS Lifestyle Co, to the world as he rebirth himself into a better person, to spark the influence in the ones who can relate, or impact the world as we are doing as such today. From the grace of God, we were able to create “The rebirth process” as the courage grew on him, he risked a lot to tell this story.

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Secrets lie within the Chapters

Chapter 1:

The Beginning

Chapter 2:


Chapter 4:

Very Wavy World

Chapter 6:

Falling to Rise

Chapter 5:

Wave Aftermath

Chapter 3:

lost in life

Chapter 8: Unmasked Face

Chapter 7:

Cold Start

Chapter 9: Awaken at Birth

the Final chapter: The concept 

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