The Rebirth Process

Throughout time, we have used the art of storytelling to pass down lessons, wisdom, influence, and history. This particular story, this lifestyle, uses main events to express a form of creativity, a vision unlike any other. This narrative reveals the life of one Robert Mosby Jr--his trials, successes, weaknesses, and strengths--on his journey of rebirth, his transformation into a better person. The mission? To influence and impact the world with feats of extravagant celebration. By the grace of God, we are able to present “The Rebirth Process”, a difficult, but imperative story to tell.

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Secrets lie within the Chapters

Chapter 1:

The Beginning

Chapter 2:


Chapter 4:

Very Wavy World

Chapter 6:

Falling to Rise

Chapter 5:

Wave Aftermath

Chapter 8: Unmasked Face

Chapter 7:

Cold Start

Chapter 9: Awaken at Birth


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